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Seattle’s Best Coffee

About Us

Our story began in the 70s, when the Stewart Brothers started brewing bold, smooth coffee on Seattle’s Pier 70. We were  then known as the Wet Whisker, and brewed our cups in a 12-lb peanut roaster. As our business grew, we decided to put ourselves to the test – entering a local taste test competition to find the best tasting coffee in Seattle.  Our bold, smooth tasting coffee won, and we then cheekily changed our name to “Seattle’s Best Coffee”.

SBC Philippines

From the piers of Seattle to the shores of the Philippines, Seattle’s Best Coffee is exclusively run by Coffee Masters, Inc., which started operations in 2000 at a time where in Filipinos were ready for artisanal, perfectly blended, fresh coffee. Since then, SBC Philippines is now up to 50 stores nationwide and growing.

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The success of Seattle’s Best Coffee in the Philippines is largely due to our loyal customers who continue to patronize us and have turned into our real life ambassadors.


The SBC VIP Club is open to everyone. Application forms are available in our branches with an annual renewal fee of 120 pesos only. VIP members can enjoy 10% off on our food and beverages available for dine-in and take-out transactions.


Stay tuned for the relaunch of the SBC VIP Card!


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