Our Story

Our story began in 1970, when brothers Jim and Dave Stewart opened their first ice cream and coffee shop – the Wet Whisker – on Whidbey Island, just northwest of Seattle, Washington. Jim started out sourcing green coffee beans from local growers, and it turned out that the brothers had a knack for brewing coffee as their business quickly outgrew their little peanut roaster. In a year’s time, they opened another ice cream and coffee shop on Seattle’s Pier 70 – this time called the Stewart Brothers’ Wet Whisker. They started serving espresso, refining their brews out of their growing love of coffee, which was the backbone of their growing business.

 At the turn of the 90s, the brothers put their best brew to the test when a local restaurant held a coffee-tasting competition to find “the best cup of coffee in Seattle.” Jim and Dave showcased their boldest, smoothest blend, and won. Soon after, Stewart Brothers’ Coffee was renamed “Seattle’s Best Coffee”, and they continued to expand globally, using nothing but the finest Arabica beans from around the world.

 From Seattle’s waterfront to the shores of Philippines, we at Coffee Master’s Inc. continue Jim and Dave’s mission – to deliver the bolder flavors that discerning consumers seek, as well as the smoother taste they prefer – because great coffee, a cozy atmosphere, and an intimate story bring out nothing but the best.

We are proudest that our story is also a part of yours.